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Please fill out this form completely to request an email list or text/graphic email for delivery to prospective students or external contacts. This process requires multiple steps to set up so please note the turn-around times: one week for text emails or report lists and 3 weeks for graphic postcard emails or communication plan emails. Image selections and finalized text must be provided, if changes are required this may delay meeting the send date requested.
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Note: Requests for internal communications to current students, faculty staff and alumni should follow these standards.

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"2012F and 2013F undergraduate prospects, freshmen and transfer only. No international, please."

"2012 undergraduate transfer prospects in California only."

"2011, 2012, 2013 undergraduate and graduate international prospects (ethnicity = "F"). Include the following countries only: Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and Taiwan."

"School of Management Grad programs: MSISA, MSIS, MPA, MPAS, UNDG, initial contact back two years"

For current program codes please refer to your request information pages:




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